SAGIT Energy Ventures (Pty) Ltd (SEV) is a specialist South African renewable energy development company, established in 2008 to develop the growing demand for alternate energy resources in the country. A private equity funded company, SEV has the expertise to develop major renewable energy projects in South Africa from greenfield to commercial operation. SEV is currently developing several renewable energy projects in wind power in the Western Cape.

Our Mission

SAGIT Energy Ventures has recognised South Africa’s increasing need for cleaner, sustainable and more affordable energy resources. As such, our mission is to develop commercial renewable energy projects that promote greener energy production in South Africa, and which reduce the dependency on non-renewable forms of energy. Coal and other fossil fuels are not only dwindling in supply, but are also responsible for contributing to the harmful effects of climate change. Furthermore, by turning to energy resources that are freely available, it will be possible to create more affordable electricity that will be within reach of more South Africans.


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